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I travel the world for Reality and documentary TV/Film, and we’re usually traveling with 10-40 cases of gear…in and out of hotel rooms, conference rooms, you name it. I’ve worked on shows like Ghost Hunters International, Dual Survival, Comic Book Men, and Survivor.


A few years ago I was doing a Discovery show in Miami, Florida and a bellhop used a DoorPro Doorstop to put our gear into our tech room. I said “Man, I wish I had one of those,” and he gave it to me on the spot. I’ve been traveling all over the world with it since, always in the front pocket of my backpack. Even when my wife and I go on vacation, it’s always with me.

DoorPro Doorstop Commercial

Thanks for a very helpful product.


Tom M
Blue Juice Films, Inc.
When you need an open door, you need DoorPRO Doorstop!