Caught In The Act

Bellmen at Hard Rock Hotel Orlando We love to see the DoorPRO Doorstop in action. Hundreds of hotels, schools, hospitals, businesses and homeowners, around the globe, use DoorPRO Doorstop daily. Why would you see the DoorPRO Doorstop at these locations?  It is designed for convenience, helping to maintain dignity and professionalism, and it helps with wear and tear not only on the door, but the users back. Hospitality Industry - Helping to maintain dignity and professionalism, keeps your head high and chin up! Schools - Keeps those big, heavy doors open saving on injuries to children's fingers Hospitals - Simple -to- use. The solution that enables more efficient work and helps prevent back injuries from bending over several times a day. Homeowners - Holds open the heavy garage door at a 90 degree angle making it easy to bring in groceries or keeping it open to safely get in and out. We ran a contest during the month of June [...]