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Safety Should Be A Priority In Hospitality

We Say Keep The Doors OPEN! An article posted in the Las Vegas Review Journal talks about a panic button for hotel staff. Here is what it said: Las Vegas hotel maids to ask for panic buttons in guest rooms The Culinary Union will ask Las Vegas casinos and hotels to supply guest room attendants with panic buttons amid national attention to the issue of misconduct in the workplace. The proposal is part of the union’s demands as it readies for talks for 57,000 employees. Panic buttons would allow guest room attendants to notify security if they are in an uncomfortable or threatening situation.  Read More... Companies are rethinking safety and misconduct in the working environment. Keeping employees safe is a priority. We suggest keeping the doors open with the DoorPRO Doorstop. If all staff carried a DoorPRO Doorstop with or without a belt clip, this may help reduce the fear some employees may have and cut down on any misconduct behind closed [...]

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Safety for the Maintenance & Janitorial Team

How often do you think about the doorstops at your facility?  They may often be overlooked, but they are an essential part of the day-to-day job of any maintenance or janitorial team. Doorstops can be very important for the safety of your maintenance team. We often see heavy objects, such as a rock or cinder block, used to prop open doors. With this method, a person who is likely carrying a heavy object already has to put down that object and prop open the door.  Not only is this inconvenient, it creates a safety hazard.   Lifting and moving heavy objects to prop open a door puts unnecessary strain on your back and this method leaves an oversize object to trip over.  Using other styles of doorstops can also cause you to bend over, sometimes several times throughout the day. Your job is hard enough.  Why make it harder bending over to prop a door open or pick up your doorstop.  DoorPRO doorstop [...]

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