New and Improved – ONE SIZE FITS ALL!

The DoorPRO Doorstop has been Redesigned Our DoorPRO continues to reduce property damage when used correctly on the hinge compared to all others. The DoorPRO design is not a prop or a wedge, it is a hinge-based doorstop. “If you can hold the hinge open you can hold the door open.” Jam-doorstops such as props or wedges are just that, props and wedges jammed in the door-jam causing property damage. Reduce property damage and professionalize your service staff with the DoorPRO Doorstop. Now this doorstop can go everywhere you go! For over 15 years, the DoorPRO has been the most recommended hinge-based Doorstop in the Hospitality Industry. Winning “Best New Product” at the 2005 IHM&RS and winning both “Judges Choice” – “Customer Choice” Awards at the 2018 G2E Innovation Incubator has been revolutionary. But with anything, there is always room for improvement, and we have done just that! Now ONE SIZE FITS ALL! We have combined all three [...]