DoorPro Doorstop CommercialWhen impeccable guest service matters, keep your head high and chin up with an open door.

The DoorPro™ Doorstop is offered with or without the swivel belt clip and is the ideal commercial doorstop for heavy doors. We highly recommend it for Bellmen, Room Service, Housemen, Janitorial and Engineering. Making a first impression is important and these door stops will be another step to supplying extraordinary customer service.

Available for 3 different hinge sizes, for details please Click Here

 DoorPro Doorstop Hinge
Commercial door hinges are not all the same size. Usually there are two standard diameters of the hinge-pin, a 1/2″ diameter or a 3/4″ diameter. Determine the diameter of the middle hinge-pin of the door. It’s either a 1/2″ diameter or a 3/4″ diameter. Next, push the door all the way to the wall to determine if the door opens fully to a 90 degree angle. Doing this will help determine the correct size for maximum angle of door.